Monday, February 20, 2017

Victory Week

P90X3 Round 1 Completed:

Well, I did. Yesterday was my victory day. All 13 weeks of the P90X3 program accomplished.

It took me a little longer than the 90 days to get through the whole thing, thanks to multiple colds and everyone in the house (except me) catching the stomach bug over Christmas break. When you're a mom to two small children, things tend to derail quickly. Still, despite doing week 5-8 for about 6 weeks, I consider the journey a successful one.

I took before and after shots, but I won't be posting them on here. Instead, you can see the ones Landon took.

Isn't he a ham?

Overall, I was pretty happy with my final results. About halfway into the program, I could tell it was working. I had a ton more energy, my shirts were fitting looser, and my muscles felt more tone. I began to feel like I did post-Landon, when I was the smallest I'd ever been since college.

Unfortunately, my hips widened a lot when I was pregnant with Evie, and I have had to come to terms with the fact that my body won't ever be that narrow again. Instead, I've embraced my curves and the strength P90X3 built in me.

So no embarrassing photos of myself, but I will share my final results.

(From Nov. 6th to Feb. 19th)

Weight: Lost 9.4 lbs.
Chest: Lost 1.5 in
Waist: Lost 2 in
Hips: Lost 2 in.
Thighs: Lost .5 in
Arms: Gained .5 in.

I lost the first 4 to 5 pounds in the first 3 weeks of the program, and then I plateaued up until the last 3 weeks. That was probably due to the middle portion containing a lot of strength training workouts. I really didn't care for that section, but that's because I prefer cardio workouts over anything else. (Part 1 was my favorite for that very reason.)

Honestly, I'm thrilled with the 6 inches I lost. My chest and arms look great, most of my muffin top is gone, and I can do a push up now! Little weakling Alicia finally has some muscles!
Actually, there's a lot I can do now.
Half Moon to Warrior 3 in Yoga? Nail it!

Boat to Plow in Synergistics? Done!

Duper 3 for one full minute? Survived!

Crow pose? No, dang it, not quite yet!

You know what the best part of P90x3 was, though?
The creation of a rewarding routine. I didn't overhaul my day to day life drastically, I just tweaked little things here and there until I found a system I liked and stuck to it.

Monday through Saturday, my alarm goes off between 5:30 and 6:00, Alex wakes me up (I've gotten terrible about ignoring my alarms) and I go workout. If I'm lucky, the kids are still asleep, but a lot of times they are down there with me, doing the moves in their own adorable toddler ways.
Then, it's shower and breakfast time and by 8:30 I am ready to knock out whatever is on the day's schedule.

I know what happens every morning, the kids know what happens, and our internal clocks know what happens. My stomach has trained itself to keep cool until our 7:30am feeding, the dog expects his potty break once my feet hit downstairs around 5:45, and Landon understands not to ask for any book readings until the dishes are cleared from the table.

I thrive on routine and order, and by working out, I created a solid schedule that is reliable. Doesn't matter what else we have to do, my family knows what the first three hours of our day is gonna look like, and I think everyone is a tad bit comforted by that.

In addition to the physical part of the program, I did follow the nutritional guidelines that P90X3 called for.

Sort of.

I pretty much reverted back to my gestational diabetes diet. I gave myself a little more leeway than before, but still kept my focus on carb intake. In an effort to live a cleaner, greener life in 2017, I also paid more attention to the products I purchased and made conscious choices to pick the best options available.

My biggest changes:

-Switching my bread and condiments to organic products.
-Making the switch from vegetable oil to coconut and olive oil. (Alex hates coconut so I have to use olive when he's around.)
-Eliminating chips and eating plain nonfat Greek yogurt instead. I add in about 1/4 packet of the instant Crystal Light to take the sourness out of the yogurt and use it to dip my apples in at lunch. While I know the Crystal Light is terrible for me, I'm not quite ready to go full yogurt. I love that I'm getting probiotics everyday now along with a serving of fruit.
- Ensuring I get my daily serving of vegetables.
This one is hard. Basically, I try my hardest to make sure there is a vegetable present at every meal. I add onions and peppers to my eggs every morning, I try to eat zucchini or carrot sticks for an afternoon snack, and I always try to have my vegetable be the largest portion at dinner.

And my last change...
-Taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar every day. Sounds nuts, but I can't even begin to talk about the benefits that's come from doing this. I take it in half a cup of grape juice to help get the rest of my fruit servings. And, I can't handle the vinegar alone. The grape juice is about the only thing I've found that drowns out the taste. Plus, the combination of the two is a nice double dose of alkaline in my system, something that supposedly reduces the risk of catching a stomach bug.
(And say what you will, but I handled two sick babies over a weeklong period and didn't catch the stuff. SOMETHING had to help with that in addition to washing my hands and surfaces every five seconds.)
If you've never read up on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you should take a gander. It's all amazing. Just be sure to use a straw and/or rinse your mouth out afterwards, because you don't want the acidity to damage your teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If nothing else, when you have heart burn or nausea, try a bit. It's a miracle worker.

And now that I am finished with P90X3?

Well, I have several ideas of where to go from here. Right now, I'm diving into another Round of the program. I want to see how many of the workouts I can nail now that I know how to do the moves and am more capable of hitting some of the more complicated routines. Plus, I want to stick with something I know since these next few months will be crazy with company visiting and traveling and Alex leaving.
Keep it simple.

Then, once that's finished with, I think I'm going to move on to a 3rd Round with a Couch to 5K Program added in. I miss running, and I have that super expensive double stroller collecting dust in my attic. I want to pull it out and use it this summer.
My dream of running a half marathon is still there....just on indefinite hold for the time being. (My goal is to complete one before I'm 30.)

Those plans will keep me occupied for at least the next 6 months, and from there I'll step back and decide what to do next. I still have my P90X videos, but the thought of doing 60 minute workouts after I saw what 30 can do is a hard pill to swallow.
Let me get through Alex's deployment and time will help me figure out what 2018 will hold.

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