Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Landal Indoor Playground

Last weekend, Alex and I took the kids to an indoor playground I had heard about. It was about 40 minutes away, set at the top of this mountain as part of a resort. The drive consisted of a bunch of zigzagging, because there's a prerequisite here that EVERYTHING has to be located either along a narrow street or up a steep hill. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get to cruise along the nice, wide road that is I-10 again...

I wanted to check Landal out because I'd heard it was smaller than Trampoline Trier and cost less. It was 8 Euros total for 2 adults and one child under 4, whereas Trier cost us 18. And while Trier is a lot more fun, it's also huge and very difficult to keep up with a barely-walking tot and a rambunctious preschooler who tend to sprint in two separate directions.

At Landal, all the climbing structures are connected to make one giant "castle" with the ball pit located at the bottom left and the large slide on the right. There's a baby area off to the side with a padded wall holding in all the soft blocks and miniature slide, however Evie is old enough now to climb out of there.

The right half of the playground.

The center with the ball pit directly behind.

The baby area and left side of the playground.

The setup is way better in terms of keeping an eye on multiple children. I could easily bring both kids to the place and not constantly panic because I've lost sight of one of them. The biggest downside to Landal, though, is that I don't think Landon liked it as much. He played hard, but I do think he prefers the crazy stuff at Trampoline Trier more.

Perhaps when it's warmer and he can play on the outside structures his interest will perk up. We had to walk past them on our way to/from the parking lot, and they looked impressive. Lots of items to climb and swing on and tons of sand to collect in one's shoes and bring home in the car.

There was also a small bowling alley and miniature golf for an additional fee, but I doubt we'll ever do those. Landon loves our base bowling alley, and we can putt-putt anywhere in the states.

The trip to the indoor playground was prompted because I think the kids are going a little nutty in this cold weather. Neither are used to being trapped inside, and their energy levels are through the roof because of it. Landon's been acting out a lot lately. Last week, he was being plain crazy. He kept stealing Evie's toys, jumping off the back of the couch, and at storytime I was mortified by his behavior. And when we did go outside to walk the dog or play on the porch with their plastic slide, Landon was being such a jerk. His sister made it to the top of the slide, and he went up and pushed her down!
And when his father asked him why he got in trouble later that night at dinner, Landon's answer was:
"Because I lost my freaking mind."

Apparently, that's a question I had posed to him quite a bit that day.

He's got cabin fever, and Evie and I are suffering for it. This kid is so conditioned to going to the park for hours multiple times a week, that this being trapped indoor bits is bologna.

And it depresses the snot out of me to think this is the BEGINNING of winter. What's he going to be like by February?

Maybe Alex and I just need to plan another long weekend at Disneyland Paris. That always does the trick.

Not much else has been happening here.
Oh! That food poisoning I thought I had last weekend...turns out it was bad water! The city found bacteria (I've heard rumor it was e.coli) in the water system and so we've all been on a water boil advisory for the last 6 days. Which means I've been imprisoned to the kitchen, boiling pots of water to use for teeth brushing and fruit cleaning. It's amazing how much water a family of 4 uses on a daily basis.
I'm pretty over it.

Christmas is 5 days away, and I'm just impatiently waiting for it. We'll take our annual photo in front of the tree Friday, and then on Christmas Eve I've got an exciting day planned with Landon. We'll bake sugar cookies together, drink some hot cocoa and watch The Santa Clause. Then on the 25th, we'll all wake up and get on with presents and dinner and holiday music. And the Disney parks parade!

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