Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pre Move Part 2

Household Goods:

Two days after our Unaccompanied Baggage was picked up, the packers for our Household Goods arrived. I sent Landon and Buster to my parent's house for the duration of the packing; no need for them to watch what was going down and getting stressed.

Alex and I had all our bags and items we weren't intending on sending in our Florida Room and that's where we hunkered down for the duration of the packing. The first day of packing, where a total of 4 people went through our house and boxed up our belongings, was frustrating for me. I didn't like not being in control, having to sit on the sidelines as someone else went through my books and knickknacks, and I especially hated not being able do any final inspection cleaning. Evie was cranky that day; she wanted to be put down so she could play, but there wasn't anywhere out of the way we could do that. I tried pulling out my laptop and killing time on it, but I couldn't focus on anything long enough to do anything useful.

Landon's room all packed up.

The next day was better. Alex picked up Landon and took him to open gym while I welcomed the day's packers with donuts. One of the guys loading the truck, new from the day before, had just moved to Florida from Italy, and he provided me with a lot of interesting facts about Europe.

The movers grabbed all the boxes from the inside and moved them to the driveway so that the house was nice and empty and accessible for me to clean.

 The remaining furniture that hadn't been wrapped up the day before (our bed, couch, and tv mostly) was completed, as well as the garage contents. By three o'clock in the afternoon, the last of the things were shoved into the remaining crate and the company was finished.
The "before" shot

The "After" shot

The reason it took 2 full days to complete the packing was because we were moving overseas. The procedure for an overseas PCS is to wrap anything and everything you can in brown paper, pack things in boxes no larger than 2x2 feet, and dissemble all furniture to make wrapping easier.

That surprised me.

I was not expecting my kitchen table to be completely taken apart, its legs in one bag its top in another.

Our couch was saran wrapped. 

Really. The company had this industrialized sized box of clear plastic wrap that they went around and around my couch with, that way if moisture gets into the crate it will hopefully be repelled by the plastic.

My only hope now is that when our things are delivered, the people on this end help reassemble all our stuff. Could you imagine how frustrated I will become if I have to spend a week pairing up screws to their mate and figuring out how to put my computer desk back together?



Just like our Unaccompanied Baggage, we were allowed a weight allowance for Household Goods. This one was 8,000 pounds.

Before setting up an appointment, we had to fill out a survey saying what we thought our weight would be. We came up with 5,000 pounds.

The answer?

Our Household Goods weighed in at 5,615 pounds.

Wow oh wow.

My family has a lot of crap.

Something that's going to prove a hassle when we seriosuly start house hunting.

So much junk, so little space in Europe!

When the movers drove away with all our belongings in their truck, Alex and I went and turned in our internet router and shut the service off, finished cleaning the house, then returned the following morning to let the carpet cleaners into the building to clean.

And just like that.

We were finished.

Next came the bittersweet experience of visiting family and friends one final time.

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