Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February Roundup

I'm a little frustrated that it's already March and barely anything has gotten accomplished with this military move. I feel like my feet are stuck in a huge pile of mud; I can see the finish line and know everything I need to do, but I'm being held back by administrative work.

Everyone in the family finally got all their necessary appointments knocked out for the move. I was the last. I got an all-clear from my dentist, and the next day Alex was able to turn in the medical packet. All together, there were about twenty pages of information that we needed to sign/get filled out/find answers to.

As soon as that was processed with the correct people, Alex was able to call and get us in to a face to face appointment with a P.A. on the base. The goal of that appointment was to review myself and the kids' medical records, confirm all our current medication and referrals, and sign more papers stating that everyone is up to date with everything. It was then the base's job to send that info to our new base's hospital where the information would be looked over and determined whether or not they'd be capable of treating us at that base.

We had that appointment over 2 weeks ago.

Alex was on leave the following week, so he did not realize until he went back to work yesterday that our base messed up and never sent the forms to Germany. For some reason they thought Landon was in school and they needed additional forms for him.

I doubt they even looked at Landon's age and saw that he was only 2 and that we'd already provided speech papers.

Alex called them immediately and got the ball re-rolling on that. Supposedly, it's all done and now Germany has 14 work days to give an answer back.

If they approve us, Alex can take that "go ahead" and go get official orders. The thing we absolutely need to get anything more done with this move. Without those hard copy orders, we can't schedule movers, set anything up at our new base, give 30 day notice to our landlord, ship our car, out-process at this base, etc etc.

We literally can't do anything but sit around and twiddle our thumbs until someone else decides whether or not we're capable of living overseas.

The fate of our future lies in the hands of some stranger 1,000 miles away, and it's slightly terrifying.

Normally, a military move isn't this complicated, but because Landon has some special referrals a closer look is required. The military isn't going to send us somewhere that can't keep up with his eye exams, and they have to check the availability of speech therapists first. It's stressful, and it almost makes you wish the military would look into that stuff BEFORE issuing you PCS orders, but what else can I do other than play along?

It would be heartbreaking if the orders do get cut, though. As scary as it will be to live in a foreign country, I've actually grown quite excited at the prospect. I've joined several Facebook groups and made a point to study up on some local tourist sites. I feel like I have a good idea on what villages would be good places to live in and how certain companies work. I really do believe I know as much as I can about the base without actually living there. When I close my eyes and picture the summertime and my birthday and the holidays, I envision me in these places I've seen photographs of; I don't know how I'll feel if I end up not being able to experience them.

Originally, Alex and I had planned to be packed up and out of our house by the end of this month, but without any orders it's looking like that won't be happening. Hopefully, we'll be able to at least ship the car by then and be able to schedule the movers. The earlier we can send our stuff, the sooner we can get it all. Here in FL, we have the good fortune to have family nearby to help with the things we won't have, so the best case scenario would be for us to live without our household goods for 6 weeks or so here, that way we're only without it for a month or so in Germany.

However, as times ticks on and May creeps closer and closer, I'm beginning to have my doubts that my grand plan is going to work out. With our luck, we'll be packing the week before we fly out.

If I had to describe this military move in one word, it would be:


I have no say in anything, no choice in dates, no ability to take care of stuff (that's mostly the active duty member's job) and no answers on when to expect anything.

Sure makes keeping up with a blog difficult...

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