Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Updated Plans

Alex brought home our flight reservations last week.

Things just got real.

Before now, our move had been more of a concept to me rather than an actuality. However, seeing our names on the paperwork, knowing 100% when we are leaving was a huge reality check for me.

We have a deadline now.

Originally, Alex and I were hoping to leave near the middle or the end of the month, but because of the way the reservations were made (first come, first serve I bet) we are now departing 3 weeks before we thought we were.


Admittedly, that stresses me out a bit. We're essentially losing a whole month of preparation. That nice little cushion of time I had set aside to accomplish little tasks is essentially gone.

It's now go time.

I've been so consumed with getting our paperwork squared away and timelining our remaining To Dos that I haven't even had a lot of time to think about the actual flights.

They aren't ideal.

3 flights total. 1 layover.

Spanning 29 hours.

And we'll be going through all that with 2 babies, a dog, stroller, carseats, carry-ons, diaper bag, and every important piece of document we could dream of needing.

Needless to say the whole flight juggling act will be a post on its own once the trip gets closer.

The flights aren't all bad.
Buster has his spot reserved for the international half of the trip. Everyone said that was the hardest one to reserve, so it's a bit of a relief to know our dog will be getting to Germany with us.

Of course, getting him to the plane that will take us to Europe will be a bit tricky. We won't find out if we can get him on the first 2 flights until about 48 hours ahead of time, and even then that will all depend on the temperature outside and availability. Worst case, though, if he can't make it on those, then Alex and I can hopefully rent a car and drive to where we need to be. Would that make life a whole lot harder? Oh yes. But would it work? Definitely.

Another small glitch in the plane is that one of the flights has all of us sitting in four different sections. That certainly won't work. Not with 2 littles. Alex and I each have to have a kid seated next to us.

Seeings as I've never flown before, I don't know how this will be fixed or what happens if the airline can't change the reservations. That's just another detail we'll have to wait and see about.

Since my last update, I've been trying my hardest to get some of my To Dos that I listed knocked out. I won't say Alex and I have made great progress, but it's a step in the right direction.

We got new tires on the Nissan.

That wasn't on the list, but Alex left for work one morning and discovered one of the tires was flat. That in turn made us have to replace all four tires. So for those keeping count at home, that would mean we've sunk about 1,000 dollars into a car.

We're about to sell.

I can't think about it any more. It'll make me start to cry.

The General Stuff:    
  • Sell the motorcycle
  • Civilian passports
  • Get my FL Prepaid College Plan squared away  (printed and filled out the paperwork to get it cashed out, now my parents have to do the rest)
  • Stop our monthly allotments and close our local bank accounts
  • Call the vet and figure out if they can do the 10 day travel permits. If they can't, then get in contact with the base vet.
  • Finish all the paperwork!
  • Make Landon an eye appointment
  • Make me an eye appointment/buy new glasses
  • File our taxes (already have our return back and have bookmarked it for traveling expenses and pet inspections)
  • Buy Evie her highchair (my mother in law did this when she in town visiting last week)
  • Invest in a double stroller and/or a toddler sized carrier
  • Make my dresser Evie's and buy a new dresser for myself
  • Transition Evie from her bassinet to a Pack & Play and figure out what is happening with her crib
  • Make a master list of all the things I want to buy before the move and have shipped with our HHG (household goods)
  • Once we get our flight date, decide how early I want the packers to come. I just learned that it takes between 2-2.5 months for our stuff to ship, so I'll have to figure out how much time I'd like to be without our stuff on each end. (we have a date in mind of when we want them to come; just have to cross our fingers and hope we can get those dates)

Not on the list, but something I was able to get done over the weekend was invest in some larger clothes for the kids. If you didn't already know, my family are huge Disney fans and most of our wardrobe consists of Disney tshirts. I wasn't sure how easy it'd be for me to get those type of clothes for the kids once I'm in Germany, so I went to the Disney Outlet and Target and clothes that were on sale. Evie and Landon have shirts up to size 5T now, and my daughter even has a couple princess dresses that were a steal. (8 dollars for a Cinderella costume!)

Luck was with me that day, because in addition to the Disney stuff, I managed to get Landon some thick pants and sweaters in a bigger size. I've always been pretty good at guessing his size for future seasons, so if my streak continues those clothes will be perfect for him next winter.

I found an adorable sweater dress for Evie, as well, and a winter coat! That was my biggest accomplishment, I think. I'm hoping against hope she'll be like her older brother and slow down growing once she hits 18 months. If she does, then the coat will be perfect for her while in Germany.

I was shocked I was able to find the kind of thick coats we'd need at a store in Florida.

Small favors.

The cold weather clothes I was able to purchase.

Next on the agenda for me will be getting my eyes and dental taken care of, and then start donating our larger items. I'd like to be able to see what my house looks like before the movers come so I can determine if anything else needs to go.

Oh, and our final Disney trip is 19 days away!

It's a little surreal to think this will be Alex and I's last time visiting Walt Disney World for several years. I'm sure many tears will be shed and too many Dole Whips will be consumed.

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