Thursday, January 7, 2016

Where We're at Right Now

Where We're at Now

We're now in 2016, folks. That's a big deal for me. 

It means I'm moving out of the country.


Well, I don't think I'm quite to the "complete panic" mode. That'll come around April time frame. 

Right now, I have been taking this first week of the new year to get my bearings and figure out what needs to get done immediately. 

Before Christmas, Alex and I were on the ball and got myself and the kids our passport papers filled out. The official ones, at least. We should be getting them by the end of January, and then I can work on getting our civilian ones. 

Fortunately, by completing that appointment, I have officially accomplished something in the PCS process. 

Unfortunately, there's a million more items that need to get crossed off. 

What's Already Underway:

 * Dental Clearance - One of the first things I learned when Alex got his unofficial orders was that everyone over 2 years of age has to have their teeth be OKAYed by a dentist. Looking at the paperwork, the military basically wants to make sure all our pearly whites are in good enough condition to go 12 months without any work on them, just in case it take that long to get an appointment once you make it to your new base.
  That was no big deal for me; I was due for a cleaning soon, anyways. 
But Landon? He wasn't even on our insurance yet. 
So we made that happen ASAP so the paperwork had time to process    before we took him in. 
    Fun fact: if anyone isn't insured before moving overseas, the base will see that person and clear them. 
I learned that tidbit AFTER I read the paperwork we were given and already added both kids to our insurance. Oops. 

On Monday, I called my dentist, set up an official appointment (it's in February) and asked for a referral for a pediatric dentist. Got a number and made an appointment for Landon for next week. 
That's going to be oodles and oodles of fun. 

I've taken him to 4 optometry appointments, and each one I barely walk away alive. 
Toddlers are strong and wriggly and all their soft little character tees are too slippery to get any purchase necessary hold 'em down. 

And then there's the fact that you're in constant fear of actually hurting the poor kid so you don't trap them too tight. 

Getting little ones to cooperate for any sort of examination is like trying to put socks on a rooster. 
Practically impossible. 

The sheer thought of surviving this dental check sends shivers down my spine.

*Speech Therapy Progress Report - There's something fun that happens when you have kids. Anything and everything that was once simple and painless about a military move becomes exponentially harder the more stuff your child is involved in. 

Before we can even get the "GET YOUR STUFF AND GET OUTTA HERE" written confirmation that we're moving, every dependent has to prove that there's no reason they can't relocate. 

And since little ol' Landon had an issue with the whole...talking deal when he turned 2 he's been in speech therapy for 8 months. 
I had to talk to his therapist this week and request a progress report to take to the base and his pediatrician. 


Nobody has said it, but it's pretty obvious that the powers that be have to see whether or not Landon needs to keep going to therapy, and if he does, they have to make sure he'll have that availability overseas. 

Don't wanna send a family someplace only to have turn around and ship them back because little Johnny can't get the help he needs. 

For what's it worth, though, Alex and I don't believe Landon really needs therapy anymore, so we'd be amazed if that particular issue keeps us from leaving. 

The minute I have that progress report in hand, I can make him a doctor's appointment and get another set of paperwork knocked out. So, while I don't actually have that done, I'm walking in that direction, so I'm considering it "on-going."

*The Honda - We called the Honda dealership and learned that our warranty will still be good in Germany. I guess since there are dealerships overseas, if something happens, we're covered.

That's a relief, seeing as we have 2 years/ 75,000 miles left on our plan. 

We also looked up our tires on the vehicle (they are all-weather ones) and they claim to be good for every season up to 65,000 miles. We've only got 24,500 on the CR-V, so those babies should last us at a minimum a year over there.

In other need to shell out mega bucks for winter tires.


*Let's See, What Else? - Hmmm.


The holidays really slowed me down. 

Now, on to...

The Stuff that Needs to Get Done:

* The Nissan's Axles - Yesterday, Alex took our ancient beauty, the Maxima, in for a standard oil change. Since Alex has inherited this car from me, he drives it to work and back every day, and it needs new oil every few months due to the miles it gets.

While it was on the lift, a mechanic came up to Alex and told him that the two front axles are cracked and will need to be replaced.

Approximately, a $300-$400 job. 



We have about 4 months left with this car. It's not coming with us to Germany. 

Of course something had to break right before we're going to sell it.

When I heard this news, I envisioned a bunch of cash getting flushed down the toilet. I mean, that's essentially what we're about to do. 

There's so many other things I'd rather spend that money on.

A double stroller....a toddler sized Tula....a savannah view at Animal Kingdom Lodge....

But we're LITERALLY wasting it on an about-to-be-out-of-our-lives-forever car. 



 * Decluttering - Come the end of the month, family is going to be coming and going fairly frequently, so I really need to get a jump start on this. Our spare room has so much junk in it that I need to go through its contents and decide what I really need to keep and what can go.

Two entire bookcases filled with books and binders? Some of that HAS to be tossed. 


Our garage is packed with boxes full of odds and ends, and I have to figure out what needs to be kept. I know that whatever place we get over there is going to be smaller than our current house, and therefore we have to downsize. 

Easier said than done when your husband has THREE different uniforms for his job and dress blues and PT gear and winter/summer outfits/boots and etc etc that's stored in massive go bags in the garage.

*Getting Rid of Unwanted Furniture -  I have no idea how it happened, but Alex and I have accumulated a ton of furniture. We've got an extra couch (yeah, we've got 2 2 different rooms) a broken recliner, 2 extra entertainment stands, and possibly the crib that we need to donate. How do we have all that?! It's ridiculous.

The sooner all that's gone, the sooner I can reassess the house and look at what else has to go. 

*Begin Keeping my Ear to the Ground for End of Winter Deals -  Since Florida has approximately 10 days of winter, I have to start thinking about watching some of my favorite stores and paying attention to when their cold weather clothes go on clearance. I know I'm going to want some more pants and probably some snow boots. The kids are going to need winter coats and thicker tops and bottoms than usual, and I'd rather get all that stuff here in the states when it's all on sale and ship it with our household goods. 

I don't want to be that mom who experiences that first blast of cold weather next fall and is ill-prepared. I could see it now, me loading the kiddos up in their mock thermals and sweatshirts and trying to sort through the small BX selection for a sweater that'll fit my shorty short son and crazy tall girl. 
Nope, let's pass on that. 

There's much more than what I've written left to do, but for January, that's what I'm concentrating on. 

Lemme get through those hurtles and then I'll round up the next set of obstacles and find my way through them.




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