Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Light a Fire

Oh, look, it's Alicia. The gal who started this blog and then deserted it for practically a whole month. 

She must have been really busy getting her ducks in a row preparing for her upcoming move.

Why else would she not keep us updated?

 I bet she's returned to tell us all about her organization skills and paperwork filing. 



Sadly, that is not the case. I've actually not written another blog post, because I didn't have too much to say. For the first half of January, I accomplished a whole 4 things. 

1) I got Landon's dental paperwork completed and submitted. The appointment went shockingly well. The pediatric dentist I took him to had a television attached to the ceiling, so Landon got the rare treat of watching a movie (Frozen) while the hygienist cleaned his teeth. It was nothing more than a thorough brushing and flossing of his front teeth. The dentist came in at the end and did about as much as a regular dentist does. 

Looks, looks, makes small talk, leaves and goes about his business.

Start to finish the whole appointment took 45 minutes, and it was obviously interesting enough that when Landon got up the following morning, he asked if we could go back.

"We go back to dentist? Okay. Go back to dentist!"

2) Landon's speech therapist gave me his summary, and Alex turned in a copy of it along with the appropriate paperwork. His therapist's final say was Landon continue with therapy once we move. She stated in the paper that he is unintelligible to strangers, struggles with the "D" sound, and won't spontaneously use 3 word phrases.

I agree with all but 2 points of that summary.

When Landon is throwing a tantrum, he has no issue whatsoever using 3 word sentences.

His favorite ones consist of:

"Mommy! I get down!"

(That one is 'I hate all foods placed before me and refuse to eat dinner' phrase.)

 "Stop it, Daddy!"

(The classic 'Dad is trying to put articles of clothing on me and/or clean up the playroom' phrase.) 

 And then there's:

"I let Buster out! I open door!!!!!"

(The newly discovered 'I can do the same tasks as Mom, despite the back door being locked and me being too short to reach the deadbolt' phrase.)

Landon has certainly mastered the 3+ word replies/comments, he just chooses not to use them around his therapist. Either way, the summary is completed, and now Alex and I just have to cross our fingers and pray that there are plenty of speech therapists in Germany that will make sure our orders don't get cut.

3) The house is MOSTLY organized. 
I use the word mostly very loosely. 

I've gone through 90% of the rooms and separated what we're keeping and bringing with us from the stuff we need to get rid of. I bought a bunch of bins and organized old mementos from my childhood and the kids' baby boxes and Landon's toys. 

Things that I didn't really want the packers the handle and stuff I wanted to make sure was boxed with care. I wanted to go ahead and put Landon's toys in seperate bins that way all TMO has to do is crate them up, and when I have to unpack, I won't be sorting through boxes and boxes of assorted toys. 

Now, it'll be as simple as unloading the Duplo bin, the kitchen accesory bin, the musical instrument bin, etc etc. 

4) The Nissan is fixed. 

That was a bit of a nightmare in and of itself. 

Alex called around to 6 or so mechanics in the area and got price quotes for replacing the axles. We ended up going with a mechanic my parents use, because he went to school with my dad and he gave us the cheapest price. 

We dropped the car off on a Thursday afternoon, since Alex had a 4 day weekend and wouldn't need the vehicle. 

It was ready on Friday, and we went and picked it up.

Cost us $375

Alex left for work Tuesday morning like normal.
Then, at 4:10am, my phone started ringing. 

I knew something was wrong, because that was right when Alex was supposed to be driving.

Apparently, when Alex was halfway to work (we live about 45 minutes away from the base) the car made some bad sounds and stopped accelerating. He had to pull over, call our insurance, get them to get a tow truck to take it BACK to the mechanic, and had to call one of his supervisors for a ride. (Thank goodness he works with an awesome guy who was willing to wake up and go get Alex AND bring him back home so that I didn't have to load the kids up and do it.) 

The car stayed at the shop until Thursday, when we could go pick it up AGAIN. What had happened was the mechanic had put the wrong axles in the car. 

They didn't charge us for fixing the goof up....

5) While this isn't technically anything I did, I'm still counting it as a bonus accomplishment. 

Our official passports arrived!

Myself, Landon, and Evelyn are now capable of living in Germany on military orders. (Alex has long since had his.)

And now that we have the passports, all our important documents are returned to us, so we can now take the next step and get our civilian passports. Our official ones will only get us to Germany and back to the states; if we want to do any traveling while overseas, we've got to pay and get a regular passport. 

The list seems measly in comparison to all I still have left to do. 

I was recently approved to join a couple Facebook groups concerning my future base and lifestyle, and I happened to peruse the posts and boy, was it enlightening. 
I realized that I'm SO FAR BEHIND! 

 Let me see if I can try and create some kind of order out of the madness that is my To Do List. 


The General Stuff:    
  • Sell the motorcycle
  • Civilian passports
  • Get my FL Prepaid College Plan squared away
  • Stop our monthly allotments and close our local bank accounts
  • Call the vet and figure out if they can do the 10 day travel permits. If they can't, then get in contact with the base vet.
  • Finish all the paperwork!
  • Make Landon an eye appointment
  • Make me an eye appointment/buy new glasses
  • File our taxes
  • Buy Evie her highchair
  • Invest in a double stroller and/or a toddler sized carrier
  • Make my dresser Evie's and buy a new dresser for myself
  • Transition Evie from her bassinet to a Pack & Play and figure out what is happening with her crib
  • Make a master list of all the things I want to buy before the move and have shipped with our HHG (household goods)
  • Once we get our flight date, decide how early I want the packers to come. I just learned that it takes between 2-2.5 months for our stuff to ship, so I'll have to figure out how much time I'd like to be without our stuff on each end.  

That's all I can think of off the top of my head; I'm sure there's more but that makes for a good starting point.

And now for the second list I've had to come up with...

After speaking with some other families in Germany, it's been urged that I don't bring any small appliances with us when we move. Here in the states, most electrical items use 110 volts. In Europe, everything is 220 volts. Pretty much anything purchased over there is what's called dual voltage (meaning they can be used in both places) but 99% of the stuff here is not. 
You can obtain something called a transformer to convert all your things to 220 volts, but people have advised me that it eats up a lot of electricity, and I'll end up with a ridiculously high bill every month. To the point where the cost of the bill would be worth the same, if not more, than a one time investment in a new appliance.

So, I've had to begun thinking about what I'm going to do, and as of right now, I just have a long list of everything I need to get rid of/donate/potentially put into storage.

The amount of stuff is a bit of a doozy.

Things that Need to be out of my House (or stored) by April:    

  • The motorcycle (perhaps not by April, but it does need to be sold before we leave)
  • The spare couch (donated)
  • Treadmill
  • The recliner  (trashed)
  • The entertainment stand (trashed)
  • Ergo infant insert (donated)
  • Extra phone case we were sent by mistake
  • My ring sling (sold)
  • Extra waffle maker I was gifted at Christmas (donated)
  • Old baby clothes (donated)
  • Lawn Mower
  • Microwave
  • Both coffee pots 
  • Crock Pot
  • Blender
  • Waffle Maker
  • Pizza Pizzaz
  • Toaster
  • Hand Mixer
  • Rice Cooker
  • Flat Iron
  • Cricket machine (?)


We'll also have to get rid of our washer and dryer, which makes me really sad. Alex and I bought the pair on Black Friday a few months after we got married. The machines have treated us well; they've survived 2 kids' worth of diaper cleanings. Unfortunately, though, the military won't ship them; they will provide ones for us to use while we're over there, along with a refrigerator and microwave. 

As the title of this post says, I really need to light a fire under my behind and start attacking those lists. I don't want to wait until the last minute and be rushing to get things sorted out. It's intimidating, but what moving checklist isn't?

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